User Manual and Methodology



Desiring to be of service to its customers by convincing them in the high added value of its products and walls solutions, Wienerberger EOOD has developed on-line based calculator, which enables customers to simulate pricing of external walls and assure themselves of the economic benefits of the use of Porotherm.

This calculator is addressed both to end users, planning construction, and construction experts ass well, dealing with preparation of offers and pricing for participation in tenders for the execution of masonry.

The calculator will help you to choose and compare materials, of which you can realise the outside walls of your project, in order to achieve optimal heat transfer coefficient with optimal costs and adequate financial resources.

The standard and most widely used materials of Wienerberger ЕООD, such as clay blocks with vertical perforation Porotherm, clay bricks Forati - known in practice as “25 cm hollow bricks”, as well as products of other manufacturers, such as mortar for masonry, insulation etc. are set in the calculator.

General Methodology:

For the calculation of the heat transfer coefficient were used formulas, specified in Regulation No.7 for energy efficiency, heat and energy saving in buildings and the enforced as of 01.02.2010 changes.

In the formation of the unit price are taken into account all the necessary resources (labor costs, materials and equipment) according to the requirements of the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works (MRDPW) for investment projects assessment.

Valuation is performed in accordance with “Methods for verification and correction of prices of construction and assembly works in the indicative bill of quantities of design offers for infrastructure projects under Operational Program "Regional Development 2007-2013” approved with Order  № RD-02-14-1618/03.09.2009, as amended by Order RD-02-14-14/ 04.02.1010 of MRDPW.

According to the above mentioned methodology accruals on unit prices are as follows:

- Additional labor costs                        = 100%

- Additional costs for equipment          = 40%

- Profit                                                 =10%

- Supply-storage percentage is taken from the Guide to Construction Prices and varies in the different editions of the guide – for the calculator is taken the maximum of 12%

Additional costs or the so called accruals represent percentage of the funds needed for social security of workers, materials supply and equipment/mechanization maintenance.

The above mentioned percentages might be changed according to your specific case in the “Advansed mode” - section. In the “Basic mode” section they are excluded from the calculations, intended for end users, but may be included at any time by marking “Show result of the extra cost“.

In the well-known construction technologies is used the basis of Itemized Cost Estimates (ICE). For masonry with clay blocks with vertical perforation Porotherm are used manufacturer’s specifications and measurements in real conditions as well, made to determine the optimal team composition (optimal number of workers to reach maximum efficiency). Thus we come to the conclusion that the optimal team composition consists of two workers who work simultaneously. When we want to increase the team efficiency it is right to increase the number of the workers, always a multiple of these two workers. This is a prerequisite and in favor of the consumer because the calculator allows the user to prepare detailed reference for labor costs, materials and equipment, and to export all the information in the form of “construction analysis”. In the export of the construction analysis you will see that one worker appears in a “Standard time”, so the user can choose the number and types of workers and to determine the total time.

Consumption rate is set in real conditions too. Presumed are average of values for the costs of the materials, because it was found that the amount of the used sample solution depends on its consistency.


You have at your disposal Basic and Advanced Mode of the calculator.

In the Basic mode of the calculator, designed for end users, you can select different layers of the outer wall and the calculator will determine, whether the selected type of basic masonry as well as the thickness/ type of thermal insulation system are sufficient to achieve the desired heat transfer coefficient, it will calculate the cost per square meter finished wall (or the total of it, if you enter a number other than 1 m2) and the amount of all the needed materials.

In the Advanced mode of the calculator, designed for construction experts, involved in preparation of tenders and pricing for the execution of masonry, additionally to the options listed in the Basic mode, you can enter custom prices of the resources (labor costs, materials and equipment), change the consumption rates and enter your own additional cost rates.

With the function “SAVE IN EXCEL“ you get ready for an investor or tender construction analysis under the above standards and criteria. The output format is convenient for further adjustment by users, such as putting company logo or adding calculations and functions.



 Common for BOTH Basic and Advanced modes:


By using key “Schedule a meeting “ you can directly contact the sales representative of Wienerberger EOOD, responsible for your region and get FREE consultation and onsite training of the construction team for the proper use of the company`s products.

By using key “Next Point of Sales “ you can find the nearest distributor of Wienerberger EOOD, where to purchase materials of the company, according to your calculations.


The set in the calculator “default“ prices of materials are based on published on-line prices of manufacturers and construction material suppliers, according to their pricelists. They could be changed in the Advanced mode. The set prices do not constitute invitation for offer and /or offer for transaction within the meaning of Art. 290 and Art. 291 of the Commercial Code and have no binding effect in terms of Wienerberger EOOD